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Inbreeding in captive birds is the reproductive process that occurs due to the marriage of the two birds with the same genetic line or have the same parents or siblings. Example is the male parent to the child is, puppies with the mother, children with children, grandchildren with grandparents and so on.

Inbreed marriage can increase the child's risk of bird damage down the recessive trait. If a decline in genetic (general health) of a bird population, it is called inbreeding depression. Carrier properties leading to decreased quality of offspring is usually removed through a certain process which is also known as genetic purging or "genetic cleansing".

Inbreeding marriages or inter-breeding relatives in colloquially known term incest or inter-mahram. Inbreed understanding in biology also includes marriage or conception itself (selfing or self-fertilization).

Kinship (Relatedness or relationship) is usually quantified by some measure (such as konsanguinitas coefficient of Jacquard, kesekerabatan coefficient or coefficient of inbreeding and kinship covariance).

The breeder birds (which have grown in Thailand or in the West for example) eliminate undesirable characteristics in certain bird populations, which is also accompanied by the destruction of what is considered "unworthy descendants", performed especially when trying to bring new properties at certain birds .

If you are already an expert in the "sorting and separating" nature of certain breeds of birds, please say you menangkar birds from breeders or the same lineage. But if it still lay or beginner, my advice, inbred birds from parents or grandparents who are different.

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