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Colibacillosis (green stools)

Causes and symptoms
Estheria Coli is a bacteria that can attack all kinds of animals. Until now, the proven fact that this disease should be taken into account when joined with other diseases. Studies at the University of Ghent in Belgium proves that 12% of E. coli attacking pigeons were observed.
E. coli bacteria are more damaging than what is considered (underestimated) for this. These bacteria are usually found in many healthy digestive tract. Symptoms may be present if the germs have a chance to attack the blood circulation. Vomiting, diarrhea, excessive drinking, skinny and limping are symptoms of colibacillosis.
Please also note that in the case of damage to the intestinal adeno virus or due to the effect of the merger hexamithiasis E. coli bacteria. Another cause of stress and decline dalah endurance bird that E. coli can appear at any time.

Treatment and prevention
Amoxicure Theraprim and proven effective against E. coli. after treatment, the symptoms will disappear immediately.
Perform the following precautions:

     Use of clean drinking water (cook) and fresh
     Cleaning the cage should be kept
     The floor must be dry and clean cages or given a pedestal on the floor
     Give probiotics on a regular basis

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