Sabtu, 15 Juni 2013

RATTAN NO ROOTS OF ANY USEFUL (Do not be fooled, not as beautiful as the original picture)
Enclosure with dimensions L x W x H = 80 x 40 x 40 (per box) this is a prototype made of iron which if possible will be developed to replace animal cages made of wood.
Designnya intentionally made multi function, as well as livestock can sometimes also for umbaran cage. So while Blom adds new breeders, puppies from the other parent can learn to fly the coop.
Each pedestal bottom is removable bulkhead, up to 2 cages together, then so be umbaran cage. Of course this is only suitable for canaries.
Stems from reading an advertisement about the cattle pen which is made of aluminum, of course, nice and neat. Well that's what I was looking for, because by using aluminum enclosure shall be free from rust and rodent attack, which the mice. Unfortunately the price is exorbitant.

Then I try to find out info about the price of iron the size of 2 x 2 cm. Calculate the count had turned the iron rods with a length of 3 @ 6 meters is sufficient to be used as cattle sheds, for 4 boxes could instead.
So remember the time a child lnget song:
I take a reed, My face and my weigh in thread I make a kite.
Take a pencil and paper and then I design the box,. After the meet-size fit, I cut the iron-iron and then I take it to a welder. Less clear, because the welder is not asked to make an enclosure tp pay wages ngelas just ask. Different is not it?
Please try, only to spend the entire cost of his ¼ so when dbanding buy aluminum enclosure.
Rather heavy indeed but ill too, the excess solid. Fitted with wheels on each foot is certainly more portable.

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