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 Crossing the voice Bird to Bird (especialy for Canary)
the hobbyists walnut collection certainly want to have decent sound in the game. but as I know there does not seem to agree on criteria in voice, only material / stuffing a canary voice of course. it is closely linked to how pemasteran done. what really walnut bodied big, Yorkshire for example, in the appeal slower tiny walnut? Then, how his Yorkshire canary derivative, too slow? According to the opinion of the senior so, he said.
I think the fact it's probably true.
Muscle movements that make up the big and small Walnuts are composed of the same protein, whereas the burden to be driven by the different muscles.
The question is, how slow-walnut walnut bongsor it? Do-not-walnut walnut bongsor we have much more slowly?
Many studies that claim that the function will decrease the ability of muscle disuse or because their use is not maximized. Our right arm muscle strength is much larger than the left arm muscles, because we are more likely to use the right hand. This fact comparable to the case of the left-handed, because those who are left-handed lebh many functioning of his left hand.
On pet birds, they become apparent motion is limited so it may decrease the ability of motion. In again if overwhelm cages that confine them very small.
In order that, umbaran cage with dimensions P x L x H = 200 cm x 70 cm x 180 cm sy use to TRAIN MUSCLE MEDIA and body growth. Not only the muscles of the body which grows to the maximum, but also can improve muscle - the respiratory muscles. Sound can be created from shiring (film sound), but the volume, rhythm and sounds associated with the short length of the respiratory volume.
To be effective, then it's all Umbar during pemasteran given. Pemasteran do lunch (at 05:00 to 17:00) and night (at 5:00 p.m. to 22:00). To schedule open during most blacktrhoat krodong umbaran placed adjacent to the enclosure, while some others blackthroat dikerodong and placed in a dark little room to rest after their memaster at night.
Oh yes, the hordes F1YS in the cage umbaran dimaster since piyikan and now they are aged between 3.5 s / d 5.5 months. Need 2-3 months to advance the times and this pemasteran.
Efforts have been made, time will prove. Hope you can help.

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